OysterMax® – pure oyster extract – vitality from the deep


100% pure oyster extract powder containing bio-available zinc, copper, selenium, iodine, vitamins A, B12 & D, free amino acids and peptides.

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OysterMax® is a natural shellfish extract. All of the nutrients are organic in origin making them 100% bio-available.

The trace elements in OysterMax® are bound to transport molecules (peptides, amino acids) which makes them considerably more bio-available than their synthetic counterparts. The high concentration of free amino acids and peptides are also directly available to the blood once consumed making them very fast acting.

Synthetic mineral supplements on the other hand need to bind to transport molecules during digestion before then can be absorbed, which may affect their availability. All of the trace elements in OysterMax® are present in significant yet balanced concentrations, ensuring they all work in harmony as nature intended.

None of the nutrients in OysterMax® are present in concentrations that could upset your bodies natural mineral and nutrient balance.

Each bottle of oyster extract capsules contains on average the concentrated extract of approximately 4 – 6 kg of fresh oysters. This extract contains significant amounts of zinc, copper, selenium and iodine,  naturally occurring as nature intended. Vitamins A and B12 are also found in oysters, along with small amounts of vitamin D. There are no fillers, excipients or bulking agents in this product. It is pure oyster extract powder.

Together these nutrients work to support our immune system, reproductive systems, connective tissue (skin, muscle, joints) as well as helping maintain optimal energy levels by supporting thyroid function and combating damage caused by oxidative stress. You can read more about the benefits of OysterMax® here.