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I highly recommend Linda de Courcy’s nutritional therapy consultations! She listened to my struggles, dispelled my fears, and her wisdom has equipped me to make quality life changes in my daily eating patterns. I not only have more energy, feel better overall and have had less sickness, but I’ve lost 15lbs that I needed to lose!

I am grateful for her continued support through this process to health and wellness. The plan has been successful and because I’ve felt so well, I’ve found it has easily become my new lifestyle.



I loved the program and the food. I was never hungry. I found it easy to follow and after one month of coughing and self body cleaning, I was really less tired and ready to start activities again (walking, swimming) and more positive also. After the 3 months my shape was much slimmer. I would definitely recommend Linda.



I found the three month programme beneficial as it addressed issues I wanted to deal with and gave me a understanding of nutrition. I like Linda’s ethos that ‘we do not have to accept ill health as the norm as we grow older.’ I value Linda’s help and advice as there is so much available information around on diet and food, it’s way too hard to navigate. Along with an increase in energy, I have gained more resilience against common bugs and colds. This has contributed to my overall well being and I feel able to tackle things that previously had overwhelmed me.


Ann Marie

I had just returned to Ireland from living in London for a number of years. My life was extremely busy over there and my normal diet went out the window – never mind an actually healthy nutritional diet. When I moved home I had gained a lot of weight and felt very unhealthy in myself. So when I went to Linda I didn’t want to just lose weight, but I wanted a total physical overhaul for my system, to learn more about food and how to use it to benefit my body (not just quench hunger).
Linda was incredible! The plan she wrote for me was easy to follow and was so well tailored for my needs. The meetings with Linda were so enlightening and I feel I understand my entire system so much better now. Not only did I lose weight (7kg), I have better skin, my digestive system works better, I sleep better and I am less tired in the day – and I am fuller longer with less cravings! All in all this has been such a beneficial and amazing experience, I am looking forward to continuing with the eating plan and going from strength to strength.



I was increasingly unwell for three years, leading to inability to function or run my business. I was diagnosed with and being treated for auto immune conditions, and was told that I was not absorbing nutrients. Despite injections and prescriptions to provide some of these, I continued to deteriorate. As soon as I started a 12 week nutrition programme with Linda, I began to improve.
Now almost all of a list of 18 symptoms have disappeared (including: exhaustion, joint pain and stiffness, brittle nails, dry hair and skin, extreme brain fog, forgetfulness, feeling of lack of balance, frequent feeling of dehydration, breathless at times, nocturnal burning feet, nerve pain in extremities, intermittent depression and constantly feeling cold), and I have got my life back.
My doctor is delighted with my progress and is gradually reducing my medications.



I have been struggling with candida for some time and have found it difficult to find a complete and suitable and effective programme. One programme I tried involved cutting out all carbs and fruit for 4 to 5 weeks, which I found very difficult. When I went to Linda she also put me on a carb and fruit free diet but explained that instead of these, I could have plenty of cheese and cream. She explained that the energy levels I could get from these would be every bit as much as those I could get from carbs and fruit but would not feed the candida like the carbs and fruit do. Also, cheese and cream are very nutritious and beneficial for our overall health and well being. Linda also assured me that the cheese and cream would not have a detrimental effect on my cholesterol. I started on the diet and found it very helpful. It took a couple of weeks to try and convert from carbs and fruit to cheese and cream etc., but eventually I got used to it and didn’t find it too difficult.

When I first went to Linda my energy levels were very low and I was a bit constipated. However, after a couple of weeks on Linda’s programme my energy levels began to improve and I became less constipated. The programme was for 12 weeks and during this period I had a consultation every 2 weeks with Linda. These consultations were very helpful and enabled me to ask Linda for advice on certain aspects of the diet, supplements, anti-fungal’s, probiotics etc.

Having completed the 12 week programme I note that my energy levels are now quite good and I have less problems with constipation and other candida symptoms like heartburn and reflux (at night). At this stage I know that I probably have some way to go yet to completely eliminate the candida, but I feel that I am making progress and together with God’s help, I know that I will overcome.



I have known Linda for many years and have always found her nutrition advice to be valuable and helpful. But it wasn’t until I gained 2 stone in the first year of marriage (honeymoon bliss went a bit too far) that I decided to take the plunge and do the 12-week course with her. My main motivation to take part was not only to loose weight but also to be in the best shape I could be to conceive.

I found the programme excellent and easy to follow. There was of course the initial few days of feeling the “sugar” come-down but after that passed, I had the most clarity I have ever had in my life. I woke feeling so refreshed and my energy levels were amazing. My husband was also a benefactor as we ate mostly the same foods during that time and we both felt so good in our skins.

I was successfully loosing weight in the first 3 weeks and was super happy with my progress. It was in week 4 that I realised something was a little different and we found out that we were pregnant. To say we were overjoyed is an understatement and Linda was so helpful in changing gears with me during that time. Her tip for helping prevent constipation was worth the course fee alone!



I am most grateful to have had Linda and her expertise recommended to me during the first Covid lockdown in April 2020. I was struggling to get back on my feet following a series of back surgeries compounded by two broken arms. An ankle and foot reconstruction was awaiting me that summer so I desperately needed to heal well and regain my strength before getting knocked back again. Linda patiently, skilfully and flexibly worked with me during the 12-week Programme – equipping me with transforming nutritional tools and insights. Small, steady and significant steps in the right direction on the journey that is Nutrition for Life.




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