Super-charged smoothie booster with Reishi


Super charge your smoothie and your health with these three amazing products:

  • Hydrolysed Collagen Peptides from grass fed cattle
  • Grass Fed Colostrum Extract (open the capsules into your smoothie)
  • Reishi AntiOx mushroom powder superfood


Reishi mushroom powder - the secret to everlasting youth

Known as the "king of medicinal mushrooms" for conferring longevity and happiness supporting both mental and physical wellness.

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Grass-fed Colostrum extract - immune support

Highly nutritious & offers unique health benefits, full of immunoglobulinsgrowth factorsnutrientsdigestive enzymes that stimulate cellular growth, healing & restoration.

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Hydrolysed grass-fed beef collagen peptides, 300g

Collagen provides strength, structure & elasticity to skin-reducing wrinkles, relieves joint pain, strengthens bones, improves gut health, increases muscle mass

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