Kinda fell into watching several videos from ex vegans over the last couple of weeks. I had no idea (though I probably should have realised) that vegan vloggers have such enormous followings…

For anyone who doesn’t know, someone following a vegan diet only eats plant foods, no meat, no fish, no eggs, no dairy and not even any honey. If you eat any of these foods you are not a vegan (though many people do eat some animal products and still say they’re on a vegan diet, they’re not).

What you may not realise about plant foods is that they are cleansing foods, animal foods build you up. While it can be very beneficial to do a short term cleanse (once or twice a year once you are otherwise healthy), chronic “cleansing” will literally strip your mind and body of the nutrients, particularly minerals, needed to maintain health. Often the “cancer fighting” compounds found in plants are simply from plants doing their job of cleansing the body. Possibly the most shocking statement is in Elaine’s video where hair and teeth falling was considered cleansing!!! Yes, you read that right, not just bad skin, feeling cold, loss of periods, anaemia, underactive thyroid, chronic IBS, which are all side effects of a vegan diet and considered part of the detoxing process, but hair and teeth falling out are good things!!!!!!!!

It was clearly very hard for all these women (there are some videos by guys too, just happened that the girls popped into my feed before the boys…) psychologically to start eating animal products again, but they did, and you can see in their video’s how much health it has restored to them and how amazing they now feel. The dark side of veganism is that it literally saps (or cleanses) the life out of you, but because of the cult-like ideologies people will do everything they can to hide the negative side effects of these diets as you will see in these videos.

For more information on the negative effects of vegan diets watch Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride on the dangers of a vegan, plant based, diet.