Rosita extra virgin cod liver oil, liquid


Sustainably harvested from wild-caught Norwegian cod.

Natural source of bioavailable vitamins A and D, EPA and DHA.

Extracted using ancient principles, no heat, chemicals or mechanical pressure used in the extraction process.

Max 4 bottles per order of Rosita products please due to limited stocks, thanks.


Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil is the finest cod liver oil you can buy. It is made exclusively from wild cod sustainably harvested from the pristine waters of Norway.

An exclusive cold-process artisan method extracts the oil and preserves the delicate nutrients that are naturally present in wild cod livers. The resultant oil is as pure and authentic as it was for our Nordic ancestors hundreds of years ago.

Rosita Real Foods provides pure, natural and premium Extra Virgin oils. We do not use any heat, pressure or metal containers or treatment in the Rosita Method, and this is very important. These oils are very delicate and must not be heated, extracted through pressure or exposed to air or metal in the process. The fish and extraction process receive special treatment, with each liver inspected and only the best chosen and placed in a dark, oxygen-free environment. The oil is naturally released when the cod livers are exposed to temperatures slightly higher than the ocean. Great care is taken to monitor this process to ensure the oils retain their freshness and purity.

Customer Reviews

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Lucia L.
One of the best Cod Liver oils on the market

I have used Rosita for over 2 years as I learnt about Rosita CLO thanks to Root Cause Protocol. I am really happy that Linda's eshop stocks Rosita as I struggled to buy it in Ireland in the past.

Fathima Mahroof
Very good product

Kept my kids immunity strong and prevented them from catching all the nasty bugs from creche/schools


This is a great product. Thank you for supplying it and for your exceptionally efficient service.

Laoise O'Flaherty
Rosita cod liver oil

Excellent product and the only cod liver oil that I would give my children and take myself.
The service is brilliant - delivery is always rapid! Very happy customer

Yuri O'Doherty

Rosita extra virgin cod liver oil, liquid